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May tags

First, thank you to all of you who put my mole picture on to the Popular pages. Thank you.

Here are Mum's tags for the month of May.
They are: words; Pekinese stitch, bullion stitch and lace.

I'm beginning to think about how we should mount these at the end of the year. They will make a great show.

I've been at home and its been busy. First I was hairdresser, then I did some housework. A new district nurse arrived while Mum was having breakfast, but was happy to wait, so we had a great chat. She is a farmer's wife and made the change from Hospital nursing to the district fairly recently.

Then the Northumberland appliance service came to collect things we are no longer using. This includes a bath lift. I might be tempted to have a bath now that it has gone. (I will quickly add that I have a daily shower!)

We had a visit from a potential new carer who is going to come and help. She is free and will start by covering lunch on Sunday when I'm walking. Fingers crossed she will be good.

Tonight we had a planned Facetime call with my cousin Jean's son John. We expected it to be with Jean, but John had lost her phone and was 25 miles away from her in any case. They are about to hand over the family home which has been sold, so they are very busy.

We have rescheduled.

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