By Pinkhairedlady

Taking shape

The deck is progressing well and I think tomorrow they might start putting the deck boards on! (See extra)

Today was all about dog walking and shopping. I did 2 dog walks and Mr PHL and I split the shopping. He did the supermarket and I went to the discount warehouse and stocked up on wine and other essentials.

My blip today is the fabulous sapphire ring my wonderful mother in law gave me probably 20 years ago. Mary was so welcoming to me when Mr PHL and I got together in 1993 and when my own mother died a few months after we met, Mary became a surrogate mum. I loved her very much and we were all devastated when ovarian cancer took her too soon in 2006.
She took a pair of sapphire earrings and had them remade into rings for me and my sister in law and gave them to us one Christmas. The ring is beautiful but I’m too scared to wear it for every day - perhaps I should wear it more often.

Looking forward to seeing all your TinyTuesday entries with an optional theme of Blue.

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