big boss lady

My boss is on leave, and today and tomorrow her boss is on leave, which leaves me as super boss. Naturally I strut around the office and acted pompous, smoked a cigar, put my feet up on the desk. Samuel didn't pay attention.

I'm one of those rare people who actually enjoys giving presentations, or at least I was pre-pandemic. I would get a high off it, the way only an extrovert can. 

Today I was master of ceremonies for an online event and it isn't nearly as 
fun as doing it in person, with people you actually know. You don't hear anyone laugh at your jokes. You clap and only hear yourself. If you can get people to turn on their video so you can at least see them clapping, that is better than nothing. 

Free advice: if you think you should buy a lens cap leash, do try and buy it before you lose the lens cap. You will feel dozy buying it after. Actually I lucked out and found it during a walk I took (in the awful heat) after work for the sole purpose of seeing if I could find it. There are two magic tricks involved:
- buy a replacement already
- reach the point where you give up
The instant I gave up I found it. 

Miranda, I do love wildflower week, thank you for creating and hosting. 

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