By carliewired

Sunrise on Tranquille

The wetlands are an
attractive area for 
wildlife and for me

~ carliewired

It was 13 C when I left the house at 6:15 AM. I'm thinking I will need to be adjusting my departure as I'm up so far in advance of the sun these days. 

I drove by my old school yard to see if the fire crews were still set up. They are gone now. All that's left is trampled grounds and some equipment. No tents or trucks this morning. 

I was off to the wetlands at Tranquille. I found myself standing and waiting for sun up again. I'm still wearing my Birkenstocks so my toes were getting chilly this morning. 

The pelicans and herons are the main players on the pond. The pelicans churn and scoop as they float along while the herons tippy toe around the edges of the water. I wondered if the pelicans moved things about and assisted the herons' hunt in that way. They seem to be in close proximity. 

The fields near the pond were all flooded in spring. Now they are producing hay. This region with drought is going to be short of feed for cattle this winter. The crop here will be much needed. 

I was very impatient getting my photos this morning. I was hungry! I picked up my drive-thru breakfast and headed home. 

We have a mix of sun and cloud today with a high of 24 C and a chance of showers. 

It's going to be a lazy day for me. A nap would be nice. 

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