By carliewired

World Rivers Day

It's three years of Blip
straggling over eight... but then
who's doing the count?

~ carliewired

I was up by 6 and looking out at a rather somber day.....then some colour appeared on the horizon making me keen to be out there with my camera. The wind was warm and the temperature was a balmy 20 C. 

Since today is World Rivers Day I had to be along the river. I drove off to Mission Flats where I can view my mountains and the Thompson River. I caught some morning colour over the water and had a look to the west where the river meets the lake. To my surprise and great delight, a beaver appeared just for me! I heard a plunk down below me on the river's edge. There he was, moving slowly into the river. He paused long enough to give me this shot. Then, he pushed off with his tail, pointed his nose down into the water and was gone. How perfect to have this Canadian icon show up on World Rivers Day! 

World Rivers Day   -

It's a quiet day at home. There's quilting fabric calling to me. I will have dinner with my daughter this afternoon. 

We're going for a high of 23 C and a chance of showers today. 

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