By carliewired

North Shore Sunrise

A sunny morning
is not to be wasted for
days ahead have rain

~ carliewired

It was a calm 1 C on my deck at 7:30 AM for my first photo of the day. It was very hopeful to see all that clear sky. I got myself out the door immediately to make the most of it. 

I drove to the south end of Schubert Drive where I can see onto the North Thompson River and to the downtown of the city. Canada geese were taking off to other points. The gulls were busy with their morning ablutions in the shallows. The light was just coming into the valleys making everything golden. The weeping willow trees were the only ones showing green and holding their leaves. I am surprised how low the river is and how much sand is open. 

I was home again to make some breakfast and listen to the news. We have some inclement weather coming on this week. I hear that snow flurries could be upon us by Friday. I am dreading the approach of winter. I will enjoy this sunny day as much as possible. We can expect a high of 9 C. 

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