An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Self portrait...

Filter?  What filter?!!!


Recorded a Snapchat video for a friend's birthday.  She's older than me and I haven't seen her since before lockdown.  Amused myself for ages with the snapchat filters, recording different messages depending on how ludicrous the filters were (it's a bit bizarre, as soon as I choose a filter I immediately "become" the character I feel I am portraying and record the message accordingly.  I fear I may have missed my calling as an actress :-)))))  

Anyhoo, I went with this filter in the end, telling her that for my last birthday D bought me a face lift and couldn't wait to show her in real life.  My message arrived just as she was waking up and for a split second, she thought I was being serious!  Hahahahahaha....oh if only!  I would need to be a multi-millionaire to afford that amount of work!  :-)

Today has been a day of getting D ready for his annual lad's trip to the Lake District.  That said, I've not been able to contribute much to the preparations as back is still delicate (but less painful - yay) Just as well he is house trained and pretty self sufficient.

Other than that my day has mainly been made up of more Christmas planning and joining up Anna's blanket.  I am half way through joining the rows (hoping to finish those before bed time) so I can start joining them into columns tomorrow.

Hoping the weather in the Lakes will improve for their trip.  I am looking forward to some time to myself and hoping my back will improve enough to let me spend some time painting.  Not been able to get into the studio properly for ages.  It's very frustrating.

Ele is coming up on Friday afternoon and staying over, and Agnes is coming up on Sunday so we can get organised for our week away the following week. Another Tesco delivery to get organised.  I was very relieved to find out they deliver to the holiday cottage.  Saves a supermarket trip before we go.  Really looking forward to it.

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