By dunkyc


It is my sister’s birthday today. This is her in the photo. 

I’m cheating a bit here as the photo was taken almost 10 years ago, but as I look it (and as much as it pains me to say it), I don’t think she’s actually changed that much. Her stomach is a little flatter in the photo than it is currently, but that’s because she’s presently stuffed full of a another baby as opposed to having succumbed to the ageing process.

I quite like this photo though, because I took it as she was putting the finishing touches on a Victoria sponge and I think it looks a bit like something you might see on the cover of a cookbook or maybe the bit about the author?

Anyway, as sisters go, she’s pretty cool and it was because of her organisational skills and desire to actually you know…..DO stuff that we ended up seeing Hamilton earlier this year. Still buzzing from that and the fact that as it is cold, I have a legitimate reason to wear my Hamilton beanie.

I marked her birthday with a super stressy day at work (couple of deals wobbling), a crafty walk with P at lunch and a big talk this afternoon with The Eldest who; to be blunt, has been doing my flippin’ nut in of late, but I think the air has been cleared now and we all know where we stand. 

For clarity: I stand in Rightsville, she’s in Wrongtown the capital of Shushyourlipsupshire.

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