A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Full and fun day

Horrible weather, absolutely biblical rain all morning and into the afternoon. The roads over to Ilkley were inundated in many places and water was running down others like streams. 
We were going inside so nit such a problem
Ilkley cinema to see Mothering Sunday. A gentle British film, quite emotional but the kind of thing I like.

Then tea at the Whetherby Whaler - fish and chips - after which we had a bit of time to spare so went home to feed the cats, ours and next doors before heading back to Bingley to see the amateur production of Little Shop of Horrors. Great fun.

Our village am dram group did it some years ago but the ‘mature’ Audrey 2 ( plant) was quite a surprise in this production. I shall say no more as local blippers may be going to see it later in the week.

You may wonder why we’ve done both in one day. It is a,bit crazy but we’ve just had such a busy week, we could have gone to the cinema last week but of course we were in London and Little Shop is only on this week. Chris is out virtually all day tomorrow and we are both out Friday afternoon, just one of those weeks.

It was all fun and we mostly spent it sitting down in the warm and dry. The blip shows the Christmas tree in Bingley town square with the Bingley Little Theatre lit up behind and the promotional poster of the play outside.

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