By carliewired

Snow and Ice

These are essential
components of winter that
I could do without! 

~ carliewired

I had emptied my coffee pot and finished my breakfast before 7. I was waiting for the sunrise at 7:52 AM with little hope of actually seeing the sun. I was right! 

At 8, I bundled myself up and headed out the door with the intent of catching some views along the North Thompson River. I drove down to Schubert Drive but found it difficult to find a safe place to pull over and park. There is snow piled up along the side of the road with the open places being driveways where I cannot park. I moved further to the Schubert Drive Lookout. 

I looked across the river to my mountains which were almost completely lost to the cloud cover. A look to the south and the downtown gave no views of the city. Everything is lost to the clouds today. 

There is a shelf of ice on both sides of the river. We've had several days and nights where the temperature has remained below freezing. I could see a long row of Canada geese hunkered down on the ice shelf across the river. They were each curled up with their heads tucked in. I was thinking they looked miserable. 

I watched the ice pans float down the river. They swirled along the ice shelf and spun back into the river's flow. 

I will be out for an appointment at noon, then home for the rest of the day. It's a great day to be indoors. 

We might expect a high of - 6 C today with a good chance of snow flurries this afternoon. 

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