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Progress - little by little

I have just managed to lose my commentary when I came to upload it. Grr!

Thank you all for your good wishes, congratulations and reassurance about reaching my eighth decade. Much appreciated.

Today was quieter.

After Arth's steriod injection last week, I had to rest for a couple of days. Now I need to gradually persuade him to loosen up and walk more.

Today I went from home, through the village and along the quiet road to Haughton Mains Farm, returning over the fields. The weather was lovely. In my main blip you can see where I stopped and thought, this is progress. It's just 1.5 miles.

My extra is a typical scene near the village. Many of the sheep are in waiting and enjoying the sunshine and the new grass.

There are lots of trees damaged or down in the fields.

Gwen and Chris came this afternoon and had the last pieces of birthday cake with me. We chatted about the Walking Festival. The committee has a challenging job after two years with no festival. They are working very hard and the festival looks good. We hope that many people will return. Inevitably prices have had to go up, not least because of the cost of coaches this year.

It's from Saturday April 23rd to Monday May 2nd. I'm leading three walks so I do need to get fit asap.

I attended a big meeting of the Contemporary Photography Group of the RPS tonight. There were nearly 200 attendees. There were some very interesting images. I was a bit irritated because there was a lot of name dropping and greeting well known attendees. Do I now truly understand the definition of Contemporary Photography? I wouldn't put money on it!!

For those of you who took part in recent challenges: the woman in the image was behind me and the missing macaroons were vanilla.

Yesterday's lotus candle is still playing Happy Birthday, over 24 hours later. I'm waiting to see just how long it will last.

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