Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

"Council pop"

That's what the mother of a friend of mine called water from the tap. No Ribena in the cupboard, and before the days of juice in the fridge, so healthy, cleansed water!

Liz and Nick invited me for lunch today and it was another celebration of my birthday. 

They had shopped at the fish quay for a variety of fish for a fish pie. When Liz opened the bag this morning, she found four sea bream fillets. Goodness knows what the other people thought.

They headed straight for Waitrose, bought fish, dashed home and a delicious pie was cooked. 

Kate opted for tap water and this was the bottle it came in. I had fizzy water to celebrate and did wonder about whether they should have bought any. They had a soda stream and glass bottles. They are well on their way to saving the planet.

Jenny, Dennis, Kate and I were well entertained and we enjoyed each other's company greatly. Thank you Liz and Nick.

PS We had Buck's Fizz to start the celebrations!

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