By Teasel

Blue Sky

Felt a bit better this morning but not one hundred per cent, so decided to take it easy, which meant no run for me, and it was the perfect morning for a run.  Sunshine and blue skies.  Instead I did a few chores, many loads of washing and then popped out for lunch.  I headed out a bit early and had a walk around by the river en route to the sandwich shop.  Such a lovely spring day.
I got home just ahead of BB.  He was delighted with his lunch and headed out to the garden and sat in the sunshine while I hung out yet another load of washing.  I had my lunch later and really enjoyed it.  BB went off to play football with his chums and I did some more chores, but needed a few things for tea, so walked to the supermarket via a scenic route to make the most of such a lovely day.
Once home I made muffins and BB devoured four in one sitting. Later there was pizza and side dishes for tea.  Amazingly there is lots of pizza left.  Maybe someone ate too many muffins pre-tea.  Later I made my way to the sofa and watched Cheaters, and then dozed off and eventually went to bed too late.
It was warm in the sunshine today, and it won’t be long till these trees are covered in leaves.

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