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By walkingMarj

Visit to the hospital

I had an appointment with a Rheumatologist at Hexham General this morning. The referral was made in November when I had lots of aches and pains. They have largely disappeared, but my shoulders are sore, particularly the right one.

I was concerned that it might get as bad as 4 years ago when I had a steroid jab just before leaving for a holiday in Myanmar.

After a long wait, when I may have been forgotten (!), I saw a lovely junior doctor called Derrick. The referral letter was missing so he had to ask why I was there! We got over that and he was very good. He asked intelligent questions and examined me well.

After a consultation with his consultant, she came along, did a bit more and suggested I have a steroid jab. Hooray! I wasn’t expecting it to be then and there, but it was. Derrick did it under supervision.

The only snag was that I had planned a lot of shopping and was told to go home and rest….

I sneaked to Waitrose while the anaesthetic was working and bought a few essentials.

My blip is of the new raised beds outside the hospital. They are very cheery. The lady in my blip stopped to chat. She passes the beds most days and enjoys them.

I’m resting. The ironing has not been done!

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