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By walkingMarj

Ficaria verna (lesser celandine)

There is a carpet of these gorgeous little flowers under a section of trees and shrubs in my garden. I love them. (Dick, our gardener, is not keen!)

Did you know that 21st February is Celandine Day? It is the date in 1785 when the renowned naturalist, Gilbert White, recorded seeing them in bloom in his Hampshire garden. The date has held true for centuries (give or take).

Wordsworth loved the lesser celandine and wrote three poems about the flower. The fact we do not know these poems may indicate that they are not his best work!

Also known as pilewort because it was used to treat piles.

I've been mainly at home today. I went to Margret's for Easter Sunday lunch which I collected as a takeaway from the local pub. Not the chef's best effort with burned Yorkshires and veg that was undercooked beyond most al dente offerings! It was tasty and the company was good. 

After that, it's been a day of rest at home.

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