A day in the life

By Shelling


Eva and me had a very constructive meeting today about our latest concert programme. We have a long way to go before anything is ready for stage but I like the process where details take shape and form larger pictures.

I go to get my hair cut at a hairdresser salon, where many hairdressers work. Always a new girl cutting my hair, always doing a good job but todays girl had a style suiting me very well, we even talked about sensible things while she was working. I was very pleased with the result too.

A bush is growing by my bedroom window, I actually thought it was dead at first but suddenly it has got leaves and today I noticed lots of buds and some flowers has opened. The scent is wonderful and new to me. It's called "Gullrips" in my language (never heard of it but it's apparently part of the currant family), Ribes aureum in latin, Golden currant in English. The plant blooms very early and keep on a long time as well, making it an important pollinator for the early bumblebees and normal bees. I don't know much about plants but I'm surprised of the variety in this garden and I like anything that helps the insects get a good start on their season.

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