A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

I had to!

I just had to go and see it for myself and blip it of course!

This stump of a newly felled tree in Myrtle Park in Bingley has been beautifully carved, as seen here, on one side into a hare. Despite the initials ‘CB’ it wasn’t Chris who carved it. As we looked around it someone speculated it was the same person who did the St Ives wood carvings. *(see airedaleknitter comment below)I don’t know if that’s true and sadly most of them have gone now. Mire about the artist here

If you are local you will probably have seen the other sides on Wendles56’s blip for her 4500 th celebration and on Wilsden Walker yesterday. If not they are in the extra. Adorable steps, doors and windows to make the perfect fairy house.

We went to singing as usual this morning despite it being a Bank Holiday. Good for us as we tend to ignore these odd days now we are retired. We did a new song just for fun and made more amendments to the one we did on Thursday which had been amended from last Monday! It’s what he does but the song is the better for it. A list of upcoming summer gigs was announced which we can thankfully do all but one.

After, instead of our usual shopping we went into Bingley and got a coffee at Tarquins and sat drinking it overlooking the bowling green - no one playing yet.
Lots of families out enjoying the holiday. As we walked around the park we could see how much the tree stump was attracting  adults and children alike to look at it - extra.

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