Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


When I opened the curtains this morning I wasn't surprised to see Lily in the window hammock enjoying the sunshine.  So an easy blip for me.  I've also added a shot of Tino.  He loves to roll around on the patio when he first goes outside.  After checking out the birds he usually settles down in the bed which is out there.

Weather has been lovely all day - warm and sunny.  So I did a load of washing and hung it out.  A few other household chores were completed before it was time to watch the match on Sky Go on my computer. 4,30pm kick off.

Newcastle were playing away against Manchester City.   It was never going to be easy for Newcastle as Man City are a far better side.  And the home side proved just how much better they are by winning the game 5 - 0.  Even though Newcastle had a few good spells they really were outclassed. Hopefully next season will be different after Newcastle have bought some new players.   It was a big ask for the current players to grab victory today.

Steps today - 4,071

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