By ArcLight

Nothing much to say

Street art hasn't featured on my blip for a while, so today was a good day to rectify that omission. This is a piece that has appeared relatively recently along the WoL path between South Fort Street and Newhaven Road. Most of that pathway has been closed for quite a long time because of a collapsing wall, but it has now been made good and reopened, so I will be going that way quite often again.

I only popped out in the afternoon to drop something at the post office. I didn't have time (or frankly energy) to go to RB's party, as that would have taken me away from my desk for most of the afternoon. Anyway, I haven't done any of the work that was being celebrated so my grounds for being there would have been a bit false. None the less, it would have been nice to see all those people quite a few of whom I have worked with over the years (I cannot believe I've now been at UoE nearly 17.5 years...).

Instead, I chained myself to my desk and plodded on through the to do list, making reasonable progress, although inevitably several other things popped up as the day went on which added to the to do list or needed to be dealt with instantly. I was able to make a happy announcement in mid afternoon. At least, happy for most.

We had a usual Friday night of nonsense TV and I collapsed into bed early, making up for the previous night.

We are definitely enjoying our new curtains! Their insulation qualities are really evident - both sound and heat does not pass through them. If we ever have a summer, they will also be effective at stopping the living room getting too warm. Today, however, was another pretty cold day with a lot of wind, grey clouds and periodic precipitation. So much for the UK sweltering this weekend. I don't think that is going to cover Edinburgh....

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