Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Just because

I missed "the" shot today which left me feeling underwhelmed by everything else.  That being said, I feel good about this shot because red birds aren't the easiest things to photograph and I didn't have to do any edits to this one.  So, not a particularly special shot, but nothing wrong with it either.  A Northern Cardinal for anyone who isn't familiar.

The shot I missed ... Mister Bluebird feeding Missus a little insect while perched right in front of me in the garden.  I mean, I wasn't even 15 feet away.  But instead of a camera in my hand, I had a leash with a brindle dog at the other end.  While I have seen the male feed the female when she's in the nest box, I've never seen him feed her out on a branch (with a completely clean background, of course).  Oh well, maybe another day.

I am sitting out on the deck under our canopy while a light rain is falling.   Jax and I are both dry and happy.  I've got my laptop set up, happily editing photos and sipping my Starbucks Chai Latte.  Extra if you're interested.

We did some training today with the boy and then I took him out for a nice long snifari on the Lane.  After that, he was content to nap on the deck while I enjoyed pottering around outside.  So nothing especially exciting today, but in all a nice day.

Dark with oozy caramel today.


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