Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Went to Neils again this afternoon to keep Luna company for a couple of hours.  Neil; wasn't there to start with - he was at the opticians.

This morning his eye was no better so he went to the Eye Hospital in Newcastle.  The hospital where he went on Monday diagnosed conjunctivitis and gave him drops,  However at the Eye Hospital they said he had an ulcer on his eye.  He got some different drops,  They said he couldn't wear his contact lenses till the eye was OK.  As the glasses he has are years old he decided to go to the opticians to get new ones with an up to date prescription.  So he had an eye test and new glasses are on order.  Meanwhile he will have to manage with his old ones.

I was still at his house when he arrived back from the opticians so we had a catch up while he ate some food.  He decided he was OK to go to work and arranged to do a shift from 5 - 10pm.  We both left the house around 4pm as Neil was catching the same bus as me. I got off in the village and Neil carried on to his work.  He would normally cycle to work but of course hes going to have to wait till he gets new glasses before he can do that again.

My Flower Friday blip shows some of the wild flowers I saw on my walk to Neils.  I have tagged the names.  Hopefully Ive identified them all correctly. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday and Miranda1008 for hosting Wild Flower Week.

The weather today was quite dull and we had some rain.  But it was still warm.

Steps today - 9,716

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