An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Joy personified!

Happy Birthday to you!

Alan is 26 today.  TWENTY SIX?!  That can't be right.  And if he's another year older, that means I'm another year older.  Nope.  I point blankly refuse to turn 35!

He's been on top form today.  Wanted to open his cards and pressies with his new support worker Penny.  Always a good sign :-) I even got to steal a birthday kiss! Plural...took my chances while I could!  ;-)))

As ever with Alan, it was low key celebrations all the way.  He hates over the top fuss.  So he chose to watch a couple of movies then go out for a walk down town with Penny.  They managed to dodge the showers till they were almost home but thankfully didn't get too soaked.  He thought it was hilarious.

Then it was into the pool for a birthday swim.  As you can see he had a ball.  Lola was desperate to get into the pool (but is too scared) so she watched from the edge till Alan deliberately splashed her! hahahahaha!  Splashed his dad too and laughed heartily when I told him to stop as he was getting his dad's hair wet! :-)

In other news I managed to get three more paintings done today.  Another two to go then I will get them all mounted.  That will take an afternoon!

Alan's joy continued as he chose another movie to watch after his dinner and he was still laughing when he went to bed.  

Twenty-six.  I really am shaking my head in wonder at where the time has gone, and in amazement and thankfulness at how well he is and how much he enjoys his life.  Proof that one must never give up hope :-)


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