Another Astrid /Grandma day today as Becky was at work and Mike was working from home. Mike dropped Becky off at work then collected me from the Airbnb at 9.15am. He took Astrid and I to the Leisure Centre for Bounce and Roll. Astrid enjoyed herself crawling around the huge room playing with different toys. The session lasted 45 mins.

The we had a long walk to the shopping centre. Popped into Waitrose to get a sandwich and almond tart for my lunch. Our route home took us through the park so I sat on a bench to give Astrid a bottle. I walked 3.3 miles from the Leisure Centre to Beckys.

Mike stopped for a lunch break when we got home and then he got back to work while I supervised Astrid playing. She had a short nap during the afternoon. After work Mike went to get Becky and do some shopping.

Mike cooked beef stroganoff for our meal and we watched Celebrity Masterchef on TV. Becky told me the route I need to take to get to the railway station tomorrow as I will be travelling North and going home. Mike walked me back to the Airbnb for the last time.

My blip shot for Tiny Tuesday is a statue which is in the kitchen of the Airbnb. It was carved by my host Annette. She's very artistic and a lot of her paintings are on the walls.

Two Extra collages. One of Astrid. The other of Tino (cat lady photos on Facebook) and Chester..... Becky and Mike's lovely cat. He's very friendly and has a very loud purr.

Steps today - 7,963 ( my fitbit doesn't seem to count as many steps when I'm pushing the buggy compared to when I'm not. I guess my hands aren't moving which may affect the readings)

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