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By walkingMarj

A surreal moment

Wednesday is coming to an end. It’s been non stop, although I did stop to watch Prime Minister’s Question Time. (Liz coped much better than I expected.)

I scooted over to Haydon Bridge to deliver my set of mounted prints to Henry for next Monday’s TPG.

I eventually packed my suitcase. I hate the 15kg limit but I should be able to cope. I usually take too many clothes anyway.

Just remembered I have not put my bather in yet…..

We had too many delicious tomatoes so I managed to cook them into a sauce with onion, celery, peppers and coriander. I ate some as soup tonight.

So here I am at 2315, taking up the hems on the trousers I will wear in the evenings, as you do. The G&T is my reward and I suddenly noticed the colours.

Daisy managed to open the cat flap which was locked for going out. She has now come in, wet and dirty and, you’ve guessed it, walked all over the trousers.

All I need now is a cancelled train tomorrow.

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