Mono Monday - portraiture in the environment

I don’t usually “do” portraits. It’s not my thing but here is a selfie with Mr Jingles who loves me. He is our neighbour’s cat and I am feeding him for a few days. Thanks for hosting AnnieBelle. 

Home day today with our daughter and 2 grandchildren popping in. They helped eat up some of yesterday’s cooking outcomes. Maddy won the prize at school for an assignment and dress up for history. They were doing the medieval period. Maddy did the plague and went dressed as a villager with her home made rat. Most of the girls went as queens or princesses. 

A couple of years ago I buried some kitchen scraps to help improve the soil in a new garden bed (it worked really well). Unfortunately I planted a bit of the peelings from a Jerusalem Artichoke which came up as a beautiful plant and was blipped for 2 years. Now I could almost start a business selling them. I dug up an area almost a Metre across and quite deep. I’ve never seen such an invasive plant. I like the plant but can’t have it taking over the whole garden. 

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