An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Well today didn't get off to the best of starts!

Got in the shower, and being very careful not to let the water spray everywhere (see yesterday's blip re. stupidly designed bathroom) I got my hair all lathered up with shampoo and was just about to rinse when the water went from pleasantly warm to stone cold...absolutely freezing in fact!!  I screamed!  Played about with the water temperature dial but no amount of turning in any direction brought the temperature back up.

By this point shampoo suds were making my eyes sting and I was starting to shiver.  Luckily David heard me scream and came to investigate.  He found me very cold and very angry.  Menopausal hormones mean the slightest thing triggers my rage, and this was more than the slightest thing!  I can now see that the vision that greeted him was indeed mirth making, but I was not amused at the time!  

In the end he boiled me a kettle of warm water and filled the wash hand basin and topped up with some cold water, that allowed me to rinse my hair and have a what my mother in law termed, a sink wash!   

Poor Agnes was also in the shower when the water turned cold, but she was closer to the end so soldiered on.  We can't understand how the hot water ran out as there was plenty for four showers yesterday and Ian, the cottage owner said there's always plenty of hot water.

After brunch we headed into Morpeth to look for a lunch venue for tomorrow when we are meeting up with friends Keith and Mairi, who are passing by on their way home from a concert in Newcastle.  We ended up in Emily's kitchen (where Agnes and Adrian caught up with us) We had baked potatoes and toasties and they were lovely, but we all agreed we preferred the lunch we had in Amble yesterday so we're going to suggest  Keith and Mairi meet us there.

On the way back to the car we wandered through Sanderson Arcade.  It was looking very festive.  I've been looking to buy a new perfume and the beautiful scent emanating from Sanderson Boutique at the Arcade entrance enticed me in.  I was greeted by a very helpful and lovely assistant who asked what sort of scent I normally liked.  After a short conversation she made some suggestions and sprayed a sample of each for me to sniff.  I particularly liked the first perfume and although the others were also lovely (actually there was one I didn't like at all, which was just as well as it turned out it was £270!!!!!)  In the end I went for the first one she'd let me sample, which is completely new to me and certainly did not cost £270!

Back to the cottage and none of us want dinner as we're still stuffed from lunch.  I suspect we will satisfy ourselves with wine and nibbles :-))

Recharging our glasses and then we will have a laugh playing Tracks of our Years.  We've all chosen 5 songs and sent a note to David who has arranged them into a playlist.  Only he knows what everyone has chosen.  We will play them in keeping with Tracks of our Years on Ken Bruce's Radio 2 show, where we will each explain why we have chosen these particular songs before they are played.  Should be a laugh, maybe even an eyeopener! :-)

I forgot to mention this on Saturday's blip but feel it is worth recording so I will mention it here.  

As I said on Saturday's blip it was dark when we arrived at the cottage and I sat in the car whilst David got the cottage opened and switched on some lights.  While I was sitting in the car Ian (the cottage owner) arrived to welcome us.  He passed the car, nodded in my direction and continued to the cottage where he introduced himself to David and asked him "Are you here with your mother?"  Whit?!!!  Mother?!!!  I mean WTAF?!!!!!  

D says obviously he didn't see me properly as the car was in darkness and was probably prompted to make the comment after seeing my wheels sitting on the decking of the cottage but really?!  Mother?!!!!  Pass the gin!!!

ok, can stop bliddy laughing now! :P 

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