By Pinkhairedlady

Glasgow on the bus

Busy morning getting Phin to daycare and a few chores done including the packing, before we headed into town for lunch before the bus to Glasgow. We’re here for 4 nights to enjoy some tunes at Celtic Connections.

Managed to get on the earlier bus but bad traffic in Edinburgh meant we arrived later than planned. No biggie as we’re waiting on our friends arriving on the bus from Aviemore.

Early blip so I can post the TinyTuesday results before we head out for dinner and our first concert tonight at Oran Mor.

55 lovely blippers took part this week and gave me a varied assortment of images to choose between.

In no particular order I’ve awarded hearts to:
evolybab - hippo keepsake -
Naturelover - animal skeleton -
Tommie2 - delicate flower -
DawnP - icebound leaf -
Ingeborg - spiky seed head -

Honourable mentions go to
dollydoug - murano glass bracelet -
MrsLinda - Galileo thermometer -
skeena - tiny workshop -
jensphotos - tiny spider -
rainie - stamen closeup -

I blipped this wee beauty as I walked along George street to the bus station. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting.

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