By Ingleman

On A Cold And Frosty Morning.

With freezing fog overnight everything was white-over first thing this morning.

The day warmed up but the fog persisted and I took Hollie out for an hour, when we met and spoke to a lady, whom we met and spoke to at Halford Weir yesterday. Coincidence? Or do I have a 70 year old stalker... mmmm. 

This afternoon we had a visit from DB, an old friend from Wolverhampton. And his parents R and J. DB has a 24 week old spaniel puppy  who is adorable, so that was fun. 

Before retirement DB's dad used to be a retirement home handyman / caretaker. Meeting him reminded me of my school days, and the caretaker who loved a practical joke. His party piece was to hide in the stationery cupboard and when someone walked past, he would leap out and yell  'supplies'! 

Can't actually remember if that's true or if I made it up but it works for me. 

Wherever you are I hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe and warm and as always, many thanks for recent comment, stars and hearts. What a kindly bunch you are! 

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