My day

By 59

Abstract Thursday. — close up


School pick up today then I went for a walk up to the shops to the chemist and library. I was trying to find a book recommended by blipper keeping it simple. The library card wouldn’t work at home to order a copy, because it was out of date. Fixed that up and the library is trying to get me a copy as it isn’t in stock here.

 Then I wandered home listening to a podcast about the terrible earthquake in Turkiye and Syria. As I walked in it started pouring with rain and hailing. Most unexpected, I hadn’t noticed clouds at all. We had an inch of rain in 20 minutes so I’m pleased I wasn’t caught out. Bob had just returned from a ride and hadn’t noticed the rain coming either. 

Our lovely neighbours left today, the owners of the house want to do it up so they were asked to leave. It’s a bit sad as they were so easy to get on with. That means lovely Bella and Mr Jingles won’t be next door. I’m sure they will still use our dog minding service. We are booked for April school holidays already from the family. 

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