A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


In October I blipped this bank of trees on the St Ives Estate as the autumn colours began to pop,  we can see them from our bedroom window.  Back in September  I took the same shot showing just a hint of the colour to come.

This morning, in a spell of early sunshine, the trees were lit up and golden worth another blip I felt. Unfortunately the sun didn’t last and I walked up to Pilates in the village and back in drizzle but that’s better than heavy rain. 

The bargain jigsaws were finished yesterday, the first one was complete but the second one didn’t have one piece missing but six! What a disappointment. At Pilates, Caron our teacher, handed me an envelope with 4 pieces of jigsaw in. I’m not sure of the whos or whys but someone saw me buy it and realised there were more pieces missing, I was told there might be another piece as well. Don’t think I will be doIng them again.

Warning - there may be one more of this series in December ar January when the trees are all bare.

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