A second year in blip

Last year, the day after the 365, I did a Year in Blip. Here, now, is the second year in blip, but based this time on a picture chosen for each month (thirteen in all, with September 2011 and 2012 both represented).

Working backwards....

September 2012 Hands on hips surveying the returfing process....

August 2012 Mary Coughlan - not easy to photograph because she doesn't have her eyes open much when singing.

July 2012 Scalloway from above in the sunshine. A reminder of our holiday; there really is something about Shetland.

June 2012 A certain type of portrait!

May 2012 Silverknowes sunset - no more need be said.

April 2012 This was such fun - a transport collage during 'challenge' month.

March 2012 Smoked sausage - my favourite picture from my trip to the Western Balkans.

February 2012 The start of the orange collection.

January 2012 - Greyscale - a downbeat photo I was really pleased with.

December 2011 - first photo with my own 'proper' camera.

November 2011 - one that Barrioboy kindly favourited because he recognised the effort of blipping and working!

October 2011 - a family-seeking trip to Northern Ireland.

September 2011 - a reminder of a great trip to Islay and also an opening towards a new blip pal.

And this photo? Just one of my favourite subjects, based on poking my camera over the wall on North Bridge.

And the link? More blatant self-promotion.

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