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The tale of the kaftan

Today I've been doing more packing and sorting bits and pieces out before the big trip tomorrow.

When I was on holiday last August in St Petersburg with Julie, I was impressed by her kaftan which she popped on instead of a dressing gown. I decided to use one of mine for this trip.

I had two kaftans years ago when I used to go to Cubertou in France every summer to play chamber music. It was always unbearably hot. I haven't worn one since. When I came to look, both have disappeared! Have I sent them to the charity shop? Mum says no, but I wonder....

The idea had taken strong roots, so I ordered one online yesterday for that big store that delivers almost immediately. It arrived today. It's lovely, in blues and cyans, but too long! I'm 5' 6" so I'm surprised.

Mum to the rescue. (I thought it was OK, but she was adamant that it needed an alteration.) Here she is, putting in the final stitches. Since she needed very fine thread, she could not feel the thread or needle, and it was a challanging job.

I also took delivery of a new compact camera today. Just a tiny one to have in my pocket. I know that mobile phone cameras are good, but I like the real thing. You can see from this image, that it is not brilliant in low light, but it will do.

Suitcase is now closed. I can hardly lift it. How did that happen, when I was going to travel light this time??

See you on the other side of the ocean.

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