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Your Local Architecture

Thanks to those who participated in the community challenge on featuring architecture that is specific to your corner of the world.
We had a little over 75 entries, with some interesting highlights – including instructive text that explains what was being presented.  As always, I encourage you to see the entire collection by typing #CBArchitecture into the search bar.
Please remember to keep within the entry dates of the challenge, as we may not be able to consider entries posted outside that period.
Now for some entries that caught my eye, in no particular order:
- An interesting modern take on Holiday homes on Lake Tarawera in New Zealand
- Great perspective on Sir Walter Scott overlooking the German market in Edinburgh, Scotland
- a 1,000-year old castle in Gisors, France
- a rainy capture of Campden’s old market in the Cotswolds
- glass pyramids in Eugene, Oregon
- an old school in Cambridgeshire, England
- a great close-up of an old meeting room on the Isle of Skye, Scotland
- Salt’s Mill in Saltaire, England
- an 1874 church in Texas, US
- night shots of The Sage in Gateshead, UK, and the “Washing Machine” in Berlin, Germany
- a nice story of testimony to a slave in Bristol, UK
- Hong Kong’s iconic Bank of China tower
- the ‘death star’ in Victoria, Australia
- St Peter’s church in Kineton, England
- Al Bahr’s illuminated towers, in Abu Dhabi, UEA
- Juxtaposing the old and the new: in Kirkcaldy and Glasgow, Scotland, and Liverpool, England.
Images that captured a specific architectural style:
- Brutalism in Leicester, England
- Modernism in Helsinki, Finland
- Yorkshire’s Victorian stone terrace houses, England
- 1880s Western style in Flagstaff, Arizona
- a typical tobacco barn in Connecticut, US
- the music of walls and stone barns in Cumbria, UK
- half-timbered houses in Germany and Switzerland
- the 2nd biggest fale in the world in Auckland, New Zealand
- a great history of Seattle’s floating homes, US
- hillside houses in Greece
- Moorish chimneys in Portugal
- California’s wineries of Sonoma or the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California
Black and white renditions seemed an appropriate medium for the topic:
- Darmstadt, Germany, with a great angle of view as well
- an old hotel in Phoenix, Arizona
- medieval Chester Row
- a fine example of Crofter’s cottage in Scotland
- and another cottage in Yorkshire, England
- a bit of a mystery shot in Glasgow (and its color version)
A nod and a wink to this blipper’s ingenuity: when you can’t get to the real thing.
And finally, my favorites – for a simplicity that truly captures the essence of the style the images captured: Albuquerque’s brilliant light on stucco in New Mexico (US) and the details of Leith’s Lamb’s House in Scotland.
Remarks collected by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Cover photo by Alsacienne – Colmar’s Half-timbered Houses (Alsace, France)

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