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Hold Your Peace

I was in Hexham this morning for a hair cut. Then I did a bit of food shopping.

This afternoon I took Mum to see the audiology technician to check her hearing aids. He turned them up by 3 decibels because she has not been hearing too well. He is her favourite technician so that was good.

This evening, we went to see Headway Arts, an inclusive theatre company, give the first performance of their play "Hold Your Peace" . It's a play about life, love and grief for the residents at The Orchards after WWI. 

The cast had been involved in the research for the play and in developing their own characters. The play lasted 30 minutes and I think that was a great effort for the four with learning disabilities. They put everything into the performance. Sadly, it came nowhere near the standard of the Leeds company, Mind The Gap, who Julie and I saw on Saturday. Headway have a long way to go, but it is good they have made a start and they tackled an interesting subject about young people with learning disabilities in war time.

I sneaked a photo after the performance from our front row position. The loop system was "brilliant" according to Mum. This is great news after recent events where it has not been switched on! It needs publicising more at the Queens Hall.   

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