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By walkingMarj

Doors to another world

Of course the doors to the Freeman Hospital Cancer Centre do not look like this. I took my dear friend M for one of her radiotherapy treatments today. There is a rota of friends who do this. Yesterday's driver had a 4 hour journey in snow and ice: today we took about 35 minutes on clear roads. M is very brave; she has to wear a tight mask with holes in only for her nose. The mask is bolted to the bed for 30 minutes and she cannot move or speak. (By chance she appears in my blip one year ago today.

While I was waiting I was looking at the door and all the people coming and going. They enter with a huge variety of emotions. For many there is hope and fear mixed together.

There are great boards of signs to look at and try to work out where you should be for your appointment or treatment. Quite bewildering at first.

For many the short journey through these doors takes them into another world, so I thought I would try to demonstrate this with the processing.

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