Hazel Nuts? (and wide Wednesday results)

Found by Gill and quickly focus stacked so I can sort out the Wide Wednesday awards.

So - Wide Wednesday - a difficult choice again with some great takes on the theme of tradition.

Favourites to:

Rock Area - traditional Dartmoor route markers.

60plus - traditional Alms houses

Miranda1008 - more Alms houses, in a  rather more grand setting!

Skeena - an alternative take on the National Portrait gallery - my traditional place for spare time in London.

Freyjad - a great POV onto a traditional arched bridge.

Honourable mentions:

Annie & Chris - a great view of Bristol harbour
Mitzified - bonny spring colour
Jensphotos - Christchurch Cathedral at night
Technophobe, Loose Cannon and Tryfan46 for their fabulous mountain images.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and also for the great comments etc on my effort in Oxford. Next week is my last week of hosting, the theme (optional) is Infrastructure (open to interpretation: transport, power-lines, telecoms - anything manmade & physical which enables the wheels of the economy to turn) and the tag will be widwed130219.

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