Several times a week, I walk, or cycle, up and down the Water of Leith just by our building. The area on both sides of the eastern end of West Bowling Green Street has been under development for many years. The building that the one on the left hand side of this blip replaces was demolished in 2012. Finally, the various sets of flats are nearly finished, and there's a new walkway just the other side of the Water of Leith from our flat (although the  path on the other side of the bridge is (grrh) still closed. Developments continue, including what looks like the impending redirection of the path from West Bowling Green Street down on to the Water of Leith. That's basically what the digger in the blip is doing. I hope there aren't any more buildings going up. But you never know.... We'll have to see how things develop over the next few weeks.

A good working day. Some peer review surmounted. The minor revisions requested yesterday completed. And finally a spinning class at the Council gym. I'm not that keen on those classes, but with my "one week for free" pass, I'm not going to say no.

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