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By walkingMarj

Last day in Bath

Having slept from about 8.30 to 4.30, I thought I would be awake again very early to start the day. No, it was 8.15 when I woke!

I was able to pack in a leisurely manner and took a taxi to the station. The taxi driver was quite stroppy and abrupt, so something had rattled her cage.

It was pouring as I alighted. I took my case to left luggage which is in an enterprising scruffy little shop near the station.

Then to the Baths. Who could come here without making a visit? I’ve seen the Baths before but I don’t remember all the underground pools, hot and cold plunges. The curation is excellent as is the audio guide.

I had to carry my back pack because there is no cloakroom. Wish I’d known that.

After lunch I visited the Abbey. Workmen are very busy taking up and replacing the floor. Part is inaccessible and the noise was loud as the guys in high vis jackets and hard hats did their work.

Next I tried doing some shopping but it was miserable in the rain and there was nothing I wanted. I retreated to Café Nero where I found myself among others who were working on their laptops and tablets, mainly students of course. It was a welcome respite.

I made the journey to the airport in the Bath rush hour. Apart from being drenched at Bristol airport, the journey was uneventful.

Sadly my long wait here is elongated by a delayed flight. They never tell you why, do they?

When I decided I should eat, I chose my restaurant to be told, “the last flights are delayed so we are not staying open” (sic)

One burger bar is open and beggars can’t be choosers!

There is only one place to charge phones and that’s in Starbucks where the waitresses put chairs on tables in case we did not get the hint.

The joys of travel.

My blip is the stunning vaulted ceiling of the Abbey.

In the Abbey, there is a good exhibition of diptychs by Sue Symons called Let My People Go. It’s worth seeing. I have photographed most of the embroideries for Mum, although, like me, she will be sorry that these were not well stretched. The work is superb.

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