Tiny Flower

I did intend nipping out to get my repeat prescription but I got an e mail to say a Yodel parcel ( cat food ) would be delivered today so I have just spent a quiet day indoors.  Watched a lot of TV, chatted with Becky on WhatsApp - and not a lot else.

When I was out in my front garden I spotted this tiny flower growing in between the block paving  No idea what its called.  Thanks as always to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday.

I got a phone call with good news.  Our local park is looked after by a group of volunteers called Friends of Chase Park. They run a monthly competition on Facebook where you submit a photo you have taken in the park.  So I sent off a photo ( its one I blipped HERE) and I was told today I had won First Prize for February.  The prize is a £25 voucher for a local shopping centre. I'm chuffed.

Its just about the only good news today.  The news that pubs, gyms, leisure centres, clubs, cafe's and so many different shops have been shut down for the foreseeable future ( some for ever ) is a bombshell. Life as we know it will cease to exist.  But of course its the only way to save lives.

Musical link BLACK FRIDAY- by Steely Dan

Steps today - 4,386

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