A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Blue Dasher

Dragon fly ? -(I’m guessing but I’m sure someone will put me right - I’ve been told it’s a male banded demoiselle, shame I liked the idea of a Blue Dasher!)

We set out on the canal again today for our walk, this time from Bingley to Saltaire. I love the section along the other side of Hirst Woods which is now fully green from the tree canopy.

We were overtaken here by Blue Otter, a lovely barge that we’d passed at the Dowley Gap locks, thought it might be my blip as we left them to tackle the Hirst Wood locks and continued on to Roberts Park for a coffee and a seat on one of the park benches.

Wes stopped to read the board alongside the Baildon Waterside Wild Meadow, now looking fully grown and I became aware of flashes of blue. Such a gorgeous colour not to be ignored. I got several shots of this one but there were lots of them. I chose this as it has the best wing detail.

There were lots more to be seen on the riverside mainly blue but just a couple of small whites. The foliage is now very high at both sides of the path, hard to believe the bluebells and wild garlic have now all gone over.

Back into Bingley for a bit of shopping and home to get the second lot of washing out - all dry and ironed now.

A couple of face times with Jude and Grace and some plans to visit in August, if I can sort out a train, but we will see them before then later this month and in early July. Another good day.

Those wings have better definition in large as usual!

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