The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Strange fruit

These knitted fruits and vegetables were hanging on a tree at Christchurch, which is Nailsworth's United Reformed church. It's also the venue for concerts given by The Bristol Ensemble, the professional chamber orchestra. Today's Main course offering was the Violin Sonata in A Major Cesar Franck. It blew me away. Emotionally, I went through the wringer. A passionate performance by Roger Huckle on Violin and Paul Israel on piano.

Afterwards we had tea and homemade cakes in the Sawyer Hall. I brought my own gf chocolate cake, but also had some of the gf banana bread provided.

I'm glad to say that the morning also went well. My friend H, who'd cried off visiting last night, came round, and we went out to Costa for a catchup. Then we walked around town ,because she hadn't seen the new Five Valleys shopping centre since its completion. She was suitably impressed. In the expensive charity shop in King Street I managed to reserve a drop leaf table for friend Dave, who's just moved house. The charity will even deliver to Cheltenham! Must remember to go back tomorrow to pay for it.

There followed a very long text exchange with Dave about dining chairs and whether I'd found a matching pair in the same shop. Answer: Er, no, Dave. Charity shops' content are a bit more random than that, but I can get you a yellow ironing board cover...

This evening I had to do some of my card business work by email, but although this took a few hours, it proved easier than expected.

What else? It's now 10pm, and I have some brochures to get ready to post out. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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