By LornaLPodcast

Mapping Lorna Lloyd's world

Thank you to those who have already contributed to our project to map the locations mentioned by LornaL in her diary of World War II, as featured in our interactive map. Highlighted in green in the list above are those blipped in this journal to date:

Amritsar on 15th July 2022 - thanks to Munroist4113
Ethiopia on 26th July 2022 - thanks to Munroist4113
The Forth (rail) bridge on 14th July 2022 - thanks to whome 
Hadrian's wall on 13th July 2022 - thanks to walkingMarj
The Hebrides on 22nd July 2022 - thanks to DarkEyedMary
Rome on 28th July 2022 - thanks to LauraMuir 
Turkey on 21st July 2022 - thanks to SallyMair

Hazel blipped Raglan House in Malvern (Lorna's home when she wrote the war diary) on 22nd May 2022.

The yellow highlighted locations will be added to the journal soon. UPDATE: since posting this blip, we also now have Bergen, China, the Netherlands the North Sea covered :-)

As you can see, there are many more shots that we would like to include in this journal, so if you have a photograph of one of the places listed that you are willing to share, please do send it to Hazel at h.hall@napier.ac.uk. Alternatively, if you know other blippers who could supply a shot, please let them know about this challenge so that we can turn the whole list green. Many thanks!

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