Started the day watching the outgoing PM's speech on my phone, in bed. Well it was 7.30 am. 

Then had a productive morning prepping for tonight and tomorrow afternoon. I was also back using the study now the plants have gone. I also organised my visa for Oz. I was horrified to have to state I lived in England (GBR), Region: Scotland. Surely Australia of all places knows this is not right. 

Spent some time deciding what to wear tonight and then headed out. It had rained earlier but had abated. I took the umbrella. This turned out to be very wise.

The first appointment of the day was to meet K at The Dome for Afternoon Tea. It was very busy. We were surprised. The chat was goo. The tea ok and we couldn't best all the cakes.

When we came out after 5 there was a deluge and no taxis. We went for a bus and there were none of those either. The water was running down the road. K eventually corralled a taxi and we took a hop, skip and a JP up the hill to the City Chambers. 

The event was the Apex lecture which I was chairing. The storm and transport disruption meant there were a lot of no shows and I had to withdraw halfway through the keynote speech due to a coughing fit. Our speaker was Keith Brown, the Cab Sec for Justice. He seemed very pleasant and his speech was well received.  The formal bit was followed by the reception and networking. Good to see fellow blipper Boyd McAdam again. We first met at this event in 2019. 

It was 9 before K, D and I left. Luckily the rain had stopped. Ended the day by watching some of the coverage of today's transfer of power. A new era. 

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