Through a lens darkly

By oojeyboojey

Slow passion

So this is my 365 blip! The passion flower was from my garden; I split its stem in twain and immersed the ends in red and green food dye, hence the interestingly coloured petals. The snail was also from the garden, and the numbers I glued onto it have been removed now, and it's back in the garden no doubt wondering what the hell the last half hour was all about.

Since my membership lapsed you can't see this large on blipland, but you can see it large on flickr or ridiculously huge even.

The artistic theme for this photo is that although photography is my passion, I'm a bit slow at blipping. I haven't managed 365 consecutive blips, but I am happy with my progress! Thanks to everyone who has dropped by to comment, or sprinkle stars and hearts over my work - I really appreciate it a lot.

Here are some of my personal favourites from the last 364 blips:

Dark side of the loom.

Full moon fever.



Iron Maiden!

Princess Buttercup.



Going down the tubes.

Weird Science.

Totally addicted to bass.


Parliament Street.

Blushing rainbow snowclouds.

Shine a light in the darkness.



Soap films.


Dream of Flying.

Eye Drops.


In a bind.

Take two.


Winter morning.

Ok I think that's more than enough for now! Thank you for looking at my blipping :D

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