Measure Twice, Cut Once (widwed30/310118 results)

A quick blip and go off camera flash to leave me some time to go through the Wide Wednesday entires.

These are two more of Gill's father's woodworking tools.  The marking guage, the one on the left, has always been my bête noire of hand tools.  Over the years I have developed a number of strategies for avoiding using one :-)

And so - Wide Wednesday,  I have found all of the entries with tags widwed300118 and widwed310118 so you should see a star and a thank you comment on your entry. 

Favourites to:  Just a  coincidence that monochrome dominates here - although this week there was a high proportion of monchrome entries.  Perhaps the Urban theme just suits that treatment?
I'm also noticing a theme of urban decay and/or regeneration - probably just my opinions surfacing about the way we treat the places we live and work in, and what do we do when changes mean industries decline?

WWS1968                            Sad to see a fine old building descending into a dilapidated state.  Nicely processed in mono and involving one of my favourite songs too - If I were to pick a winner – this would be it!

Graham Colling                 The other side of the coin – our old post-industrial towns can have a new life given a little vision and thought

Miranda1008                      As we often say – photography is all about the light!

Mildly Offensive               Selective  colour and movement in a modern city centre

RobBris50                            Sunny outside, but less welcoming in the subway?

Honourable Mentions to:
AH14                     Those Victorians knew a thing or two about making infrastructure more than just functional!
Isbi                         Probably the view many of think of as urban.
MidgeholeDave                                A model village from before the age of the car
Rocky Mountain Moments                          Modern architecture with thought, and some in camera processing.
Rockarea             Urban-next-the-sea

Thanks to everyone who entered, next week is my last as stand in host - it has been quite illuminating going through your entries and I will be sorry to have to stop! 

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