By si_b

Cheese Wharf on the River Thames, near Lechlade

... at about 5:20am this morning on my way to Nottingham along the Fosse Way. A beautiful morning with a light mist.

So, it's Thursday, which means #MM232 results day ! I must say that you are all very talented and original, which has made the choosing of the heart awards incredibly difficult - yet again ! The slight respite of having another heart to award helps a little though ;-)

So, without further ado ...


mambo's green with envy - monochromatic in emerald, different & striking !
loveeveryminute's wrath under pressure - a very interesting take on wrath, and a lovely shot to boot. ( and she called me illustrious :-P ! )
KangaZu's gluttonous helper - some people just can't say no ...


SkiMe's take on dilligence - and a very nice new bike.
Ingeborg's patient waiting on her seedlings - this is an amazing flower shot
laurie54's humility through astrophotography ( view large on black - very much worth it, and a triumph of exposure I'd say ! )

Honorable Mentions

Several gardeners exhibiting assortedly gratitude, pride, diligence, greed and wrath - all things I can relate to while gardening:

lifferz, Pisky29, Bom, mindful_life, lozarithm, Beewatcher, MeeshJ, Andrew44, ExtraTime, RichardG and Nickimags888

Two people thought of the ultimate sacrifice and expressed their respects, and for that, I too am grateful - thank you outdoorguy & AH14inbw

One thanks for patience goes to davidc for his ( and his Editor's ) timely reminder of the game of clock patience.

And one, last, special award ( with a heart ! ) goes to kengrace because I just simply didn't get it - had to ask - and it was brilliant.

Thank you so much all again for participating, remember - same again next week - but it has to be different :-)

I wish that I had hearts to give to you all, you are all wonderful.

Thank you so very much !

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