One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

I am

(therefore I) blip

Farewell #3

Shite... this looks like it could be a bit of a Father Ted moment, when Father Cave declares his undying love for Father Gallagher. 

But fuck that... I have spent over 12 hours of frenetic copying and pasting putting this together. 

I am the backup-freak, I think I may have shared this bit of useless (to you) information with you in the past. 

But I had not backed up my favourite blips by favourite blippers. 

And this is what made makes made makes this site truly different. 

It's all of you.

I don't have time yet for the get-your-tissues-out-this-is-going-to-be-an-emotional-moment farewell (possibly farewell #7) 

But in the last day, I have been thinking long and hard about what these last 7 years have meant for me.

About what you have meant for me.

I am quite sure that I am forgetting unforgettable blippers in the little list below. 
Do point it out to me. "Oy, Raheny, what the fuck were you thinking about?! Where is I?!"
And I'll go "oh jaysus, blipper xxxx I am so shaggin embarrassed. I love you. I love your blip. You've totally been part of my life for the last seven years and it is only as a result of copying and pasting exhaustion that do not have your name in this (non exhaustive) list. Thousand apologies."

Or else I'll remain silent. And it will be the confirmation that you were not meant to be in this list. 

So... ahem... THANK YOU to the following (it's taken me over 12 hours for fuck sake, so please have the decency to check at least your own name)

In alphabetical order: 


On reflection, a major photographer!

An Apple a Day

Jayzus, that little apple of your talented eye, what a gorgeous little thing


I have been shite at commenting over the years. Sorry. You are one very talented creator of mono images!


I'll always remember your haunting images of the Boy with Saucer Eyes, and your vision of suburbia


Phwoar! You're a babe! Some frights you've given us. You've been sharing so much with us. Including your gorgeous cleavage. Which was nice.


The grounding force gravitating around Bliptowers, when the lads may have got carried away, BB knew what mattered: walking the dog and growing vegetables in the allotment. As Voltaire said, "il faut cultiver notre jardin"


Thank you for starting the One Rater (D77) debate. A fine piece of internet history that was!


You mad bollix. Anyway, how can one blow a fish? Don't over-analyse. Capture your emotions raw. Or at most medium rare.


A very clever guy. I have often been shite at commenting. I'll do better next time!


It has been a privilege to meet you in real life Brian. Thanks a mil for looking after my smokers for a while. I love the humour in your journal. And the visual puns. It would be a pity to see it stop there. Really.


Thanks for keeping me up to date with the friends' kids agrowing. I am not holding any grudge for your introducing me to Oldmills.


Thank you for introducing me to arse butter, and your quirky mad busy life a doctor in the making. I would trust you to be my doc, you are a caring person.


You have tolerated my taking the piss off Tesco. I think. I hope. I have enjoyed the many day trips to the North thanks to your images.


For the Red Road series


Some memorable images (and I am not just taking about the craftytitties) Why did I not subscribe earlier?! Better late than never.


For some reasons cannot think about DaveH without thinking of Meles. And vice versa. I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to catch up with you the last time I was in Edinburgh. We'll have to remedy to that next time!


The One rater. Bastard!!!! You have produced (with the aid of your spirit level cube thingy) some of the strongest and most horizontal images in here. And definitely the best rants. Honoured to have met you in real life. Now, stay away from my wife. And Memento.

Deleted User Rob Smith

A pity. I really loved your blips. A fine balance of words and carefully crafted images.


I have been shite at commenting over the years. Sorry. And thank you for this lovely piece of loveliness. I'm still salivating


He is rumoured to have started the Swan Movement here in blip… Despite all that, I have prepared to gloss over that sorry fact. He could be such a nice guy. If he stopped lying about his age and found it in his heart to forgive Thierry Henri


How I enjoyed seeing your little girl grow into a not-so-little-girl and the big back garden by the pond. And how I feared for the appearance of a bear. But not as much as Mr Smith, that wimp…


You've really made me want to take up kayaking. One day… What images!


Rory and Euan are lucky to have you as the recorder of their early lives. I would trust you to be my doc. For my concrete walls. You'd give them all the love and care in the world. Thank you for showing me Birmingham. The next field trip for the Monochromatic Concrete Adoration Society is Brazilia. Or Milton Keynes. The jury is still out on that one.

Dublin Shooter 

I have learned more about the Dublin music and food scene here than in any encyclopedia. It has always been a pleasure to follow your journal DS, see you at the Blipfoto wake for a couple of pints?


For the passion. Jayzus, dude, sometimes I feel like shouting across the ether "take it easy, you'll burn yourself out" Some terrific mono landscapes


Chin up Erica. You are doing brilliantly. I have, like hundreds of others who follow you journal, witnessed the ups and downs. You are getting really good at this accepting yourself lark!


I have always enjoyed your colourful take on Sao Paulo


I owe you everything. Photographically. I mean it. 


You have been a major inspiration. You have opened my eyes to street photography, and more importantly the ethics of street photography. I ask for permission whenever I can, and try not to be a thief of other people's lives, but a sharer. Thanks!


You opened my eyes to street photography, and religion iconography


Ah well. Until tomorrow… (in the new place) Love the dry sense of humour. Thanks for all the comments over the years!


So many stunning images!


Thank you for helping me create another blipcouple. Your Laura and our Finn have been promised to one another. They just don't know it yet…


He is at least as good as Earthdreamer. If not better.



                                                                    You don't have bad blip days.


Privileged to own this print. Privileged to have met you. Not quite privileged enough to have managed to put a point across but I'll get there.


Keep up the drawing Ewan, you have a real talent!


The only person with whom I can talk parenting and not get bored to tears. Meeting you was a real pleasure, sir. I feel that we have a lot in common, both at home and at work. But I do not have a moustache.


The undisputed queen of the street glamour shot. Thank you!


We all think of him first and foremost as the founder of Blipfoto. It's a bit too easy to forget that he is actually firster and foremoster a brilliant photographer. With a great sense of humour. And a couple of his blips could be tagged with the loversofshite hashtage. Which is a bonus.


His name is Joe. And he is cool. Another blipper who slowly slipped off my blip radar


Yours has been the Blipfoto Belle Epoque. Perrier Jouet's too.


For this wonderful shot of Mme Solange, whoever she is


A journal bursting at the seems with wit. You have also managed to turn his Lordship into a near mythical character. Thank you for sharing your life with us!


Few people became a blip institution as fast as Lady Lala. You almost instantly managed to make me feel better about my parenting skills. I nearly pissed myself a couple of times reading your journal.
or the one she doesn't want you to see 


Still waiting for that full frontal blip to test the limits of freedom on this vessel with no crew… A girl with a disproportionate love for her car. Thank god the cat will balance things out. See you in Edinburgh next time I'm around.


You haven't seen my arse, roigh?


It's not easy to be related to two blip-giants. I didn't take me long to discover that your journal is a gem in its own right. I also learned a lot about cakes and tennis.


For developing over the years a style that has been copied many times but never equaled. Top bloke! (there is apparently a MAiT filter for iPhone currently in development)


The best wedding photographer in the UK. And creator of a strangely disturbingly beautiful phocumentary about giving birth in a posh maternity hospital.


Man have you come from strength to strength! You were talented to begin with, but your style has truly exploded into a driving force here.


For some reasons cannot think about Meles without thinking of DaveH. And vice versa. I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to catch up with you the last time I was in Edinburgh. We'll have to remedy to that next time!


I love you. No, not like that. I love all that love that you have in you. You are one very special person.


A relatively recent addition to the Blip family. But totally devoted to the cause, and with a great eye!


Thanks for producing some rather spectacular images. The life of bees springs to mind with the homemade device to get the focusing distance right. I've been shite at commenting in past few years. So have you. All is for the best in the best of possible worlds then.


I'm pretty sure that my voice mail said anything short of a blowjob, not up to a blowjob. I am now dreading to see that EasyJet flight land… Meeting you is always such a genuine pleasure. We'll have to do it again. And again.


Had almost forgotten about the Sardine Factory. Would have been a shame. Some deliciously original images


When a wordsmith of that calibre happens to share the body of a wicked image-maker, the sky is the limit. And he has a cool first name.


Jayzus, that guy kicked arse. Pity he stopped that smokers project.


Your landscape never gets boring. I have loved all this shots of your field. I also found it reassuring that there is a place out there windier than here…


You mad fucker ya. And yes you are as scary in real life as people would imagine. A bit more even. Photographing your wedding was one of my highlights in terms of image-making, and yours in matrimony.


I love your minimalist photography. And it was a privilege to see Elmer, and Luca, and the rest of your family evolve through the years.


I have been shite at commenting over the years. Sorry. I got quite a shock when seeing this blip. This is the installation that has most moved me ever. Saw it in the Saatchi gallery.


I've followed you from your native India to the New York jungle. You have such a strong personal style. Your little girl is lucky to have her childhood recorded by you.


I laughted to tears with that series Jim. I soiled my pants. Vive le roi!


Sue, your street photographs have always been a constant source of inspiration. Thank you!


I dug your shit and all the rad things


For the Mexico streets scenes. Thank you!


People pay good money for your words, we were lucky enough to get our daily dose for free. Your blip titles have been delicate caviar eggs served on the blipfoto blini. When are we sharing the next few pints feller? (PS I'm not trying to imply that your photos are shite. Your words are just too good)


The undisputed King of Inveraray. Again, I have been shite at commenting in the last few years. I'll do better next time!


Un reel plaisir d'avoir fait ta connaissance. I'll never forget that evening in the snug!


She doesn't write much. There is no need to, with images of that calibre!


Such a nice guy, I'd almost entrust him with my pension… That little Blip film about you as a blipper is a piece of anthology. Privileged to have met you. We'll do it again!


The undisputed master of light  (with Memento. Ok, make that the disputed master of light then...) Being in your presence has been… well… enlighting! Loved the parkbench series too.


Formerly known as Some Kind of Monster. Fascinating journal. And funny. Loved it.


I discovered Blipfoto through you. Need I say more? I have always enjoyed seeing Dublin through your eyes. Our paths keep crossing, and they will again! (If only at school drop off time in METNS…)


I can't quite believe that we haven't actually met in real life. I am not as scary or mad as you think I am. But I don't dress well, you are right on that front. You have always been an inspiration. I love your sense of aesthetics


She has for years been dangling the Saucisson of Damocles over my head… The Soobs has been one of my favourite soap operas for years. Action packed, brilliantly written, with a premium car hospice for background and Drambuie flambeed venison as an olfactory bonus.


A blipper's wife. No, not just a blipper's wife. A fine photographer in her own right. And a busy mum too.

Stewart Bremner

For the darkness. For it too shall pass


I have been appalling at staying in touch in the last few years. Sorry.


The uncontested Dublin sunrise queen


I love this guy's work


The undisputed king of the beanie. I really like the can series. And your systematic approach to recording the kids growing up


A great eye. Thanks for taking me back to Australia. Hope the Big Backup is going well!


Thanks for keeping me up to date with what's happening in the world of the arts. Your cousin is a very talented painter. Very


Some seriously stunningly unique images. Thanks!


You made me discover Iran, a part of the world one rarely drives through


Who seemed to be going through tough time in San Francisco. Always liked his photography


Sorry for being so lazy at commenting these past few years. Loved your Special Moment contribution!


Oh, to be able to borrow your mind for a day… It would give me a chance to completely reorganise my hard drive.




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