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And Now The End Is Near

2.30 p.m. The Quarry, Along The River Severn, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

There were days when I wondered if we would ever make this day. But finally we have made it through to 365th post or blip. I will be happy to take a (short) break from posting a photo everyday, but I will be back sporadically to post some (hopefully) wonderful new projects / exhibitions throughout 2012.

Over 365 posts I hope that I have given everyone who has stopped by something to enjoy, debate or think about. So, here are a few of my favourites.

From the Abstract -

First Abstract Of The Year
4 Flashes, 1 Strip
Under The Moon And
Starlings In The Slipstream
Wales Through A Window
Meet The Cranes
Just Floating On By

From The Political -

Coal Not Dole At The Kings Place
Never Judge A Demo By It's
Flag Day
Just Another Day
Peckham Peace Wall
V Is For Victory
The End Is Not Nye
Seen In London
Meeting Of Minds

From A New Project, Life From A Window -

The Stranger On The Train
If You Want To Get Ahead
Cloud Spotting
It's Raining Today
The Model

From London To Liverpool (And In Between)

Where A Word Can Take You
After The Rain
Slow London
Picture Perfect
Severed From The BandA Brighton Beach Memoir

Only Happy When It Rains
Such A Wondrous Place

And Three Blips That Were Personal To Me -

Gimme ShelterTwo Men On A Bench
Sweet Dreams Reynard

And that's that. Thank you to all who have supported me on here. Until next time, Good Night and Good Luck.

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