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Seasons – the Blip Way

Great response to our latest community challenge on featuring the colors of the seasons – whichever they are where you live! There were many beautiful scenes taken from different angles and viewpoints as well as some original takes on the theme.

So here are some that caught my eye for fall colors:
- The brilliant color of fall leaves against bright blue skies in Germany, Scotland, Sweden, the UK or Colorado.
- Fallen leaves carpeting the ground in Finland, the Netherlands, Washington State, Eastern Canada and Western Canada.
- Colorful roads and trails in the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, the moor, Pennsylvania, Canada, Washington State, or Scotland.
- Spectacular landscapes in foggy Switzerland, of the Lake District in England, on Denmark’s Viking monuments, with a splash of red in the UK, on an old stone bridge in London, over water in Scotland, reflecting in a lake in Staffordshire, Argyll in Scotland or in North Yorkshire, on another bridge in Nevada, at a nature reserve in England, or on a lake in Canada.
- Some great close-up shots that capture the spirit of the season in Finland, Germany, France, London, Scotland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, England, the southern US, and some that even combined two seasons in Finland and Colorado.
- The fall also brings in its own crop of fruits and veggies at this market, on street stalls, on tarps, in the kitchen, and in pumpkin patches.
- There were all sorts of creatures to be found among the leaves, including poodles, collies, babies, squirrels, and one of my favorite creature!
- We had a few entries for Halloween from the UK, New York, Los Angeles, and Denmark. Some even come in cereal boxes ;)
Our blipper friends in the southern hemisphere provided nice bright shots of flowering gardens, luscious spring greens, bright red azaleas, new fern growth, multiple shades of greens, yellow fields, and garden views in Australia and New Zealand.
And now, for the tough choice: my favorites.
- a creative interpretation on fall colors by Fiona.
- a great use of reflections by Päivi.
- a painterly interpretation by Sue.
- an endearing image by Kd.
- the encapsulation of what fall is all about for kids by Benelia.
Thanks to all who participated. As usual, to see the whole collection of over 230 submissions, simply type: #CBSeasons into the search bar.
Compiled by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Photo by Michele (Halloween Parade)

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