And now we are six

To celebrate my sixth blipday I have blipped a piece of my early writing from when I was six years old. I wrote this description of two indoor hyacinths on 27th January 1970, almost 48 years ago. I hope that you are as impressed as I am with my neat hand-writing.
As is my usual practice whenever I reach a blip milestone I have reflected on the contents of my journal since the last one – in this case my 2000th blip on 2nd July 2017.
Even though I now work part-time, work features a lot in my journal as I try to squeeze meetings, PhD supervisions, research, teaching, writing, reviewing, and all the associated admin and email into a (supposed) 3-day week. Occasionally I manage to achieve this. However, I often need to adjust the ideal routine of working Wednesday to Friday, especially when I have external commitments such as trips abroad (e.g. to Canada and Finland) or when I host academic visitors in Edinburgh. I got into a particular pickle in September with seven papers that I co-authored all due for the same deadline. The good news is that they have all had favourable reviews and will be published later this year: three have already been accepted for publication, and the other four have been accepted subject to revisions that are currently in progress.
Some aspects of my work don’t feel like work at all. Mr hazelh, for example, loves it whenever I become involved in activities that bring him into contact with his science heroes. Since last July he has met Jim Al-Khalili and Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell.
Of course, there is more to life (and my blips) than work. For example, I took some annual leave in July and August. First was the 454-mile tandem tour from Edinburgh to Colonsay with Mr hazelh. Not long afterwards we were in my Canadian cousins’ car on a massive road trip from Toronto to Nashville to witness the 2017 North American solar eclipse.
Then there is the partying. The hazelhs love a good get-together, whether they host it themselves, or are the guests of others. I particularly enjoy preparing food for such events, such as the book group meeting for which I was responsible in October.
Regular readers of my journal know already about my aim to exercise every day and my obsession with Settlers of Catan. My exercise ‘repertoire’ was extended at the end of the summer with the purchase of a new bike and Garmin. I also became rather absorbed in the Neopolitan novels by Elena Ferrante. Although I have now finished the series, we have booked a trip to Naples in March so that we can visit the locations described in the books (and visit Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius – oh, and eat pizza).
Both our car and tumble dryer died on us since my last milestone blip. That one was replaced but not the other probably says something about our priorities!
Thanks to all my blipfriends who visit my journal and leave comments – both the regulars bivbov, Gallopinggran, Knottman2, walkingMarj, Ridgeback13, Rosewiles7, Tigger101, and yeeeeed, and the more occasional visitors alfthomas, ArcLight, caffeinated, DiDi, friedaquilter, JMK, keibr, KJD, LyndseyJ, MShelley, Paladian, Romay, Selinaland, Shaaamie, SianLambert, snapper, sunflower, Winsford, and my cousins don_T and TBay
Here’s a list of my favourite blips – in date order - since my last milestone on 2nd July 2017. If you have not already seen my personal favourite from 18th December, do take a peek at my Sunset over Inverleith boating pond.

Poppy meadow 9th July 2017
Sisters before and after 15th July 2017
Lobster pots at Tarbert 20th July 2017
Boys and girls on the beach 23rd July 2017
Sunset from Kiloran Bay, Isle of Colonsay 24th July 2017
Rubh'a' Mhàil lighthouse lens at Colonsay House 26th July 2017
Wild water lily 29th July 2017
The case of the floating green bottle 3rd August 2017
Border terrier button nose 6th August 2017
Jupiter Artland again 9th August 2017
Hello Toronto 11th August 2017
don_T’s blip book 16th August 2017
Solar eclipse 2017: Tennessee Kentucky border 21st August 2017
A day at the beach, Sandbanks, Ontario, Canada 24th August 2017
New Queensferry crossing bridge (or Kevin) 2nd September 2017
Floral display at the Midland Hotel 12th September 2017
Autumn changes 27th September 2017
Leaves for lunch 30th September 2017
Happy 50th birthday girl 6th October 2017
Lamps at Newcastle Central Station 13th October 2017
Autumnal reflections on the Union Canal 23rd October 2017
Oklahoma! 26th October 2017
Still autumn sunrise on the Meadows 27th October 2017
Goat selfie at the donkey sanctuary 29th October 2017
Autumn trees on the Dalmeny estate 5th November 2017
Students in sunglasses selfie 9th November 2017
Suburban luncheon bar 17th November 2017
Circles at Hexham station 20th November 2017
Fish in the deep 22nd November 2017
Dinner party bouquet 26th November 2017
Sunset over Inverleith boating pond 18th December 2017 - my own personal favourite
An icy winter’s walk at Steel Rigg 28th December 2017
Snow in Northumberland 29th December 2017
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Exercise today: 35 minute run (9171 steps)

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